Fortuna is an international trade recruiting information system.

Fortuna is primarily intended for the use of the trade professionals who are involved to distribution of goods and services on specific territories, at one side - and, on the other side, for trade companies who are interested to have commercial representation at specific markets.

The service is free for trade professionals.

If you work in any area of trade and are able to act as commercial representative of foreign companies in your country for specific products, if you have experience in marketing and distribution of products and services - there are all the chances that you will be contacted by the companies who are interested in having commercial representative in your region. To initiate the process, just fill Fortuna resume form - at no charge.

For international traders, Fortuna provides: Full access to the whole resume databank - or:
Opportunity to mail their vacancies to the people who have entered their information to Fortuna databank.

These three functions are all that can be done at Fortuna. We tried to keep the system simple - so here's very little 'web design' stuff, and even very little words.:)

Here, we have only the things that really work. Once something really works well - there is nothing to add.

Regarding the history of the fact, our service exists since 1992, as an internal recruiting information system of a group of companies from several countries who were interested to expand their presence on international markets.

Finally we have reached our goals and have established worldwide cooperation links we needed.

In summer, 1998, we got an idea that now we can open access to the system for the public - so other trading companies would be able to find the people they need - and trade professionals from around the world would have many more applications for their experience.

So it happened - the service got its name ('Fortuna') and was launched online.

Now you see the entrance to what was previously well-hidden - and our reason to hide it was quite simple - nobody wants too much competititors for his own trade.

Thanks to the service, now we ourselves do not have to worry about competition.

That is quite enough for us- and we wish luck to all the others.